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    Default FAQ - Read first before you post.

    Welcome to BenchTec UK and the Gigabyte Motherboard support for overclockers section.

    You have come to the right place for help about overclocking support related issues and your Gigabyte motherboard. Benchtec UK is home to the UK number 1 HWBOT team so our guys know what they are about.

    Now to make helping you so much easier please use the template below when you make a post. Most of the time all the background information which will be needed to help resolve any issues you might have will be there. So copy and paste into your thread and lets be helping you.

    BIOS version:
    Make and Model 
    Model:Type: (E.g.: DDR3)
    Graphics Card
    Operating System
    Product: (E.g.: Windows 7 Professional)
    32 or 64bit:
    CPU Cooling
    Type (i.e. water, single stage, phase, LN2): 
    Problem Description 
    Please enter as much information about the problem as possible:

    Please respect the vendor (Gigabyte) and do not post requests for help if you are using other vendors products. This section is only for Gigabyte related support assistance.

    Benchtec UK is home to many really knowledgeable folk who are always keen to share what they know with others who are interested. Browse around the main forum and check out some of the interesting stuff the guys here do. We have water cooling fanatics as well as serious LN2 gurus plus we have the most extensive section of phase cooling in the UK so make yourself at home and enjoy your time with us.
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