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Article: Nordic Hardware reports GK104 gets 1536 cores

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    Nordic Hardware reports GK104 gets 1536 cores

    1 Comments by maverik-sg1 Published on 17-02-2012
    Keplar Mainstream Part - Specs released

    The mystery surrounding NVIDIA Kepler is starting to clear after a very long wait, and the first information regarding the GK104 chip is out. We see an architecture that is very different from Fermi, and potentially brings a lot more performance.

    Kepler will be NVIDIA's first architecture at 28nm, and while it is late to the party it looks like it will be worth waiting for. The circuit we are talking about is not the flagship of the Kepler family, GK110, but GK104 that will replace GF114 and GeForce GTX 560 Ti.

    Click on the above link for the full story.

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    I read somewhere that this card is going to be branded the GTX670, now to me thats okay because looking at the specs this card will drop in or around the 7970 performance mark....... but more interesting for me that the FERMI GF110 was TWICE as fast as the GF114, so are we going to see the high end single GPU being 2x faster than the GK104/GTX670?

    Although (thanks to the FERMI) this release is still lagging behind AMD's somewhat, it certainly looks to want to make a late entrance in style......... after the disappointment of the 470 and 480 releases, I am trying to hold back my high hopes, but this just looks more and more like a slam dunk right?

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